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Come taste our fresh wine and cider, walk through our vines, say hello to our animals, and stay for an experience that you will not find anywhere. Once you turn onto Engles Road and wind through lush pasture to our farm, you will be transported to Leelanau County and Traverse Wine Coast's best-kept secret.

Our Philosophy

We believe in connectivity

The vineyard, the orchard, the farm animals, the wildlife, the forest, and our families are all one living organism that make up our farm. By using sustainable, integrated, organic practices, we are taking responsibility for the long term viability of the whole. We are neither waiting nor hoping for change, we are working to embody it.

Attica Restaurant Template

An adventure in fresh farm harvested products

A true way to taste

Our tasting room is located amongst a 67 acre farm on the Leelanau Peninsula. We are two miles south of the picturesque waterfront community of Northport. Come visit the tasting room to try our estate made wines, handcrafted hard ciders, and locally made microbrews. Get a glass of your favorite and stay to experience the serenity of the farm.

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our offerings

Wine, Beer, Cider, Spirits
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Private Events

Green Bird Cellars

Private Events

Our free-spirited, charming atmosphere will serve as a classic venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, vow renewal, family event, dinner party and more. We welcome you to take advantage of our picturesque setting to personalize the day of your dreams. We can accommodate small groups of 25 to larger events up to 150+ guests. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a site tour, please feel free to email or call us and we will be responsive in getting back to you.

Wedding Receptions

Share your most special evening with us under the stars, under a tent, in our fully-equipped tasting room, or all three. Friends and family will have an unforgettable night among our organic vines, drinking our special wine, beer and cider, and celebrating you in a unique fashion! Please inquire about our offerings, amenities and services that will make your night superlative.

Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewals

With several sites to choose from, our most special place is our Fairy Woods, where intimacy, privacy and magic come together to provide the perfect backdrop for your official commitment to the one you love.

Family Events

From reunions to meetings to just a simple picnic, let us cater to you and yours in the way that fits what you need. We can provide lunch, drinks, and all you need in a private area outside, in the tasting room, or among our vines.

Rehearsal Dinners and Dinner Parties

Our intimate tasting room is the perfect place to celebrate with your wedding party and family over dinner and drinks. We can accommodate as many as 40 of your loved ones in our facility.

Private Farm Tours

Contact us to have a private tour with one of the owners for an hour that includes a tasting. See the sheep, chickens, vines, pond, and hear and see why our experience is unrivaled.


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The Farm

Organic Farming
Attica Restaurant Template

Organic Farming

We follow a holistic approach to carrying for and managing the land. Rather than using conventional methods, such as strictly foliar feeding and using synthetic chemicals, we opt to amend the soils with nutrient rich compost and fish fertilizer. Our foliar feeding and pest management is done using natural methods such as neem oil, seaweed, probiotic culture, fermented herbal teas, and kaolin clay. We believe by following these practices we have a more symbiotic relationship between us, the earth, and the fruit it provides.


Browse our ciders, wine, eggs, and specialty products. More items coming soon

We ship to the following states:

AK(Alaska), AZ(Arizona), CO(Colorado), DC(Washington DC), FL(Florida), GA(Georgia), HI(Hawaii), IA(Iowa), ID(Idaho), IN(Indiana), KS(Kansas), LA(Louisiana), MA(Massachusetts), MD(Maryland), ME(Maine), MI(Michigan), MN(Minnesota), MO(Missouri), NC(North Carolina), ND(North Dakota), NE(Nebraska), NH(New Hampshire), NM(New Mexico), NV(Nevada), NY(New York), OH(Ohio), OR(Oregon), PA(Pennsylvania), SC(South Carolina), TN(Tennessee), TX(Texas), VA(Virginia), VT(Vermont), WA(Washington), WI(Wisconsin), WV(West Virginia), WY(Wyoming)


Thanks for a great season! We're closed for winter break Nov 23rd-Jan 3rd. We'll be open Saturdays and Sundays starting Jan 4th, 2020. Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year! - Tim & Betsy

Tasting Room Phone: 231.386.5636

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